What is the Q-Start

The main direction of the web agency Q-Start is the provision of comprehensive site creation services. We develop in USA, especially in Miami and in Florida. Over the years, we have provided a huge range of services related to design, usability, website creation and promotion for our clients.

Our web development in Miami is ready to offer versatile solutions – from the development of business cards and corporate websites to online stores. It all depends on the specific goals that the customer places us and the allocated budget. In some cases, making a site is necessary only for small representative purposes – in this case, it is enough to make a site-business card or a promo-site.

What do we do

Before we begin, we are exploring the work of the market, analyzing the resources of competitors, and evaluating economic efficiency. Creating a site will be much more effective if it takes into account the factors that affect the result. The whole process involves many stages:

  1. the formation of a technical task,
  2. the development of design layout,
  3. the creation of a prototype site,
  4. the introduction of a management system.

As an additional service, we are ready to offer the creation of unique text content, photography for the design of site design elements, services on registration of trademarks.

Before creating a site, you need to carefully analyze, which includes the study of the characteristics of the customer audience, its competitors and the identification of advantages over them, which at the next stage allows you to find unexpected, unique and interesting ideas for the project, regardless of whether it is commercial or not. Due to this our works are unique. As far as we know, the ideal does not exist, but it’s possible to get as close as possible to it! That’s exactly what we are doing when developing online stores for our customers. All projects, realized in our studio – reflection of our clients, multiplied by the professionalism of our specialists. Creating websites is our trump card, our business card.

Who are working in our organization

Today, Q-Start web studio in Florida is one of the leading studios and companies in the market of web design and web advertising. The studio features well-educated, modern and young guys and girls with a unique and creative look at modern web technologies. Our designers, Internet marketers, programmers, seo-optimizers, project managers and copywriters are a powerful and solid team of professionals capable of implementing design projects of any complexity.

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