What is the layout of the site?

For people working in IT, the concept of layout seems obvious. Moreover, it is more difficult to explain it to a person who encounters sites only as a user. Sometimes I can’t even tell my friends what exactly I do. In this article I will try to give a simple and understandable answer to the question “What is the layout of sites?”. Next time I’ll just throw a link, and not try to somehow depict it on my fingers.

Is the layout like programming?

This question from the title is very often heard when it comes to professions. Probably, such associations occur in people, because they have heard or have seen that the layout is a code (some strange characters in a notebook). In fact, of course, not any code can be attributed to programming, because not every code is written to solve problems.

Layout, to put it simply, is an explanation to the browser exactly how the page should be displayed. The browser is not Vasya, and not even Lena, he is not a person at all, so things like “move this picture a little to the left” do not work with him. But he perfectly understands the markup language HTML.
It is the creation of the HTML markup that the layout designer does. And this does not have much in common with programming, since there is no logical basis under the layout, it does not solve the problem and is not able to tell you what it is. Layout only cares about the beautiful and correct display of content.

What does the site layout include?

The layout designer is required to achieve such a display in the browser that will be closest to the graphic layout. There are many tools for this. The most basic of them: HTML and CSS.

Using tags in HTML describes the structure of the document, that is, what elements will be on the page and in what sequence. For example, you can “tell” the browser that you need to display a picture with a cat, then a description of your love for these animals, and then a link for impressiveness.
Sometimes, to implement strange design ideas, it is necessary to adopt the JavaScript programming language, but this is rarely required by the typesetter, and usually only the most primitive possibilities are used (do not confuse layout with frontend programming).

Also recently, various frameworks have become quite popular. It is difficult to explain primitively what the framework is … In essence, this is a kind of skeleton, structure (approach) thought by someone, ready-made sets of elements – the use of frameworks makes it possible to achieve standardization and facilitates the development of large projects.

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