Technologies come in our lives and stay put

Technologies are developing faster and faster so that your business keeps up with the times, you should pay attention to the latest IT trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Scientists at Stanford University believe that by 2030, all US cities will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure public safety. In their opinion, the AI ​​will help prevent crimes and even act as an assistant in court proceedings. Solutions based on AI have already formed the basis of many IT trends of the future: from smart home to speech recognition, face recognition, and even imitation of emotions. Elements of artificial intelligence – machine and deep learning are now actively used in robotics. And researchers at the Future Today Institute suggest that soon artificial intelligence will become part of virtually all modern innovations.

There are advantages of this noriot:

  • Voice and visual product search

According to the latest Gartner forecast, by 2021, leading trading companies will begin to introduce a visual and voice search for goods. Using AI technology, large online stores can better understand the desires and interests of consumers. Analysts predict that as a result of innovations, the revenue of trading platforms will increase by 30%.

  • Individual approach to the online buyer

Innovative industry in the concept of artificial intelligence – learning in real time. Using this technology, an online store, for example, will be able to display products individually for each user, depending on their behavior on the site. Thanks to technology, it will be possible to adjust the site models in real time using a continuous stream of data on visitors’ transactions.

Innovations in the transport industry

  • Logistics automation

Analysts of ARC Advisory Group believe that the automation of cargo delivery is a very relevant topic not only for carriers, but also for large online stores. Steve Benker, one of the directors of ARC Advisory Group, notes that when retail sales grow from 9 percent to 30 percent, companies are faced with the question of how flexible they can be in the delivery of goods. The demand for web-based TMS (transport management systems) and SCM solutions (supply chain management systems) will grow in the coming years. Cloud services for logistics automation will optimize the delivery of goods not only to 3PL providers, large online stores will also benefit from innovation.

  • Unmanned cars

Cars on autopilot are another IT trend of the future (by the way, based on the concept of artificial intelligence), on which major companies have relied. So, Tesla already allows drivers to turn on the autopilot in their cars, provided they follow the road. Recently, Uber launched about a hundred autonomous cars on the streets of Pittsburgh. However, while the innovation is only being tested, a company employee is constantly in the car who monitors the work of the algorithm and security.

     Mobile Solutions Trends

  • Chatbots

All the same Gartner experts predict that already by 2021, the largest enterprises will spend more on chatbots than on creating mobile applications, and the chatbot market will amount to $ 3.5 billion. does Siri), and then recognize and imitate human emotions.We are waiting for the so-called era of post-applications – to the fore come virtual assistants created using AI technology, not tied to specific mobile programs.

  • Pocket education

New technologies are appearing more and more often, in order to keep abreast, specialists in all spheres will need to periodically update their knowledge. Given the modern pace of life, online learning will gain momentum. Moreover, education will have to be as accessible as possible, so futurists suggest a boom in the creation of mobile learning applications.

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