Do you not know what to do in the evening? Your friends are here!

A social network is an Internet platform, a site that allows users registered on it to post information about themselves and communicate with each other by establishing social connections. The content on this site is created directly by the users themselves (UGC – user-generated content).

The social network unites people of different nationalities, religions, professions, social groups, ages, genders, etc. All users of the social network have the opportunity to communicate with each other directly, without using additional tools, such as email or messengers, comment on posts, expressing your opinion. Also, the social network has the tools to create communities of interest, where communication takes place in narrower circles. Various applications, games make staying on the social network more interesting and exciting.

What are the major social network?

The first major social network Facebook appeared in the United States. The story of its origin and development is presented in the David Fincher film “Social Network”.

The most common networks in the world are MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +. The most famous and popular social networks in Russia are VKontakte,, My World, Facebook, Twitter, is gaining momentum Google +. They have become an integral part of the life of modern man. The multimillion audience of social networks allows modern marketing technologies to develop new strategies and draw attention to the promoted object. Today, SMM (promotion in social media) is gaining rapid momentum and is used as an effective tool by optimizers.

  1. Communication This is one of the easiest ways to talk with all your friends and relatives in one day. It is easy and affordable, does not require much time and cost, as calls (especially if relatives abroad).
  2. New acquaintances, search for your soulmate, friends and so on. They bring together, allow you to meet anyone without difficulty. To do this, simply write to the person of interest. The truth is not the fact that he will answer, but there is still a chance.
  3. Lack of boundaries. You can meet and communicate with people from different cities and even countries! There are no borders or barriers. The only thing that can be useful is knowledge of the language. At least just English, but ideally the mother tongue of the interlocutor. Such unique features cannot but rejoice. Many people want to go abroad. Social networks provide an opportunity to establish international contacts, learn from local residents what to take with them, what kind of climate is there, where to go. Many even make friends in other countries and go to rest to their home. So you can have a good time, get a free guide and save on the hotel.
  4. Good time. Here you can really relax after a hard day’s work without spending anything. Entertaining games, interesting information, nice people – what else is needed for a good evening?

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