Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising areas of computer science, which studies methods for solving problems for which there are no solutions. Systems of artificial intelligence can operate data and learn themselves. Areas of application of such systems are unlimited – from the creation of self-made robots to cars with autopilot or online translators in real time.

What does the AI include?

ROBOT-HUMANOIT coppers that operate independently, analyzing information about the environment using sensors (motion, sound, light, pressure, etc.) and make decisions based on the received data. One of the capabilities of the robots is the computer vision – artificial intelligence technology for the collection, processing and analysis of video information in real time. All of this requires the development of algorithms for automatic visual perception, correct movement in space, training on errors, implementation of actions aimed at achieving the goal. An example – an unmanned car, which is programmed to reach the destination, can park, move in the flow of cars, correctly determine the shortest route.


Writing bots, chat bots, strategy games, where your computer can calculate a large number of possible game options and choose the best ones. Heuristic algorithms of gaming artificial intelligence are used in a wide variety in many areas within the game. The most obvious application of the game AI manifests itself in the control of non-gaming characters, although scripting is also a very common method of control. Finding a way is another widely used application of the game AI – it is particularly evident in real-time strategies. The search for a path is a method for determining how a non-player character can move from one point on a map to another: you need to take into account the terrain, obstacles, and possibly the “fog of war.” Game AI is also associated with dynamic gaming balancing.


Web analytics of users of social networks for identifying needs and interests that can subsequently be used to promote advertising targeted at a narrow, specialized user group in targeted products. Generate based on collections of movie, product, etc. user submissions. Development of algorithms for analyzing texts, posts in social networks and determining if true information is specified in the profile; development of software tools for analyzing the photo, video of the user and identifying his emotions. Such data can be used in the fight against terrorism, the search for criminals, and so on.


The main areas of application of these systems are the support of management decisions in such areas of business as lending and risk assessment, marketing analysis, forecasting of financial markets, modeling of functional components of management (finance, production, human resources), solving applied sociological tasks (model of formation and change of ratings of politicians), management of budget resources and economic modeling, detection of illegal use of credit cards. For example, in the banking sector, making decisions on granting a loan can be taken on a computerized basis on the basis of customer data processing.


The use of artificial intelligence to recognize images will allow the creation of practically working systems for identifying graphic objects based on similar features. As characteristics, any characteristics of objects to be recognized can be considered. Signs must be invariant to the orientation, size and shape of the objects. One of the tasks of SSI is the segmentation of objects in images and the definition of people from the flow. An example of artificial intelligence is also a set of audio and handwritten text in mobile phones, as well as the definition of the location of the house captured on the mobile phone camera (on-line guide) and the drawing of its internal structure in 3D.


Neural networks have become very popular in practical use when solving purely practical problems precisely because they free the researcher from immersion in the subtleties of the physical process and the need to create a complex physical model. It is only necessary to know and understand what factors affect the process that is predicted and have a certain amount of factual data on the behavior of the system in different situations that have been created before. The greater the database of such data, the better you can train the network and enhance its ability to predict the behavior of the system in the new conditions, or the set of input factors. For example, you can predict the demand for electricity on the basis of weather conditions and data of previous years in order to reduce the cost of its production.


Help doctors diagnose disease based on signals and medical imaging and patient data. The use of computer AI in medicine will significantly accelerate the process of examination and diagnosis. Using voice recognition, such systems will look for symptoms in medical databases.

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